Against All Odds Teachers’ Guide

We hope that "Against All Odds", an educational and interactive online game, will increase understanding and knowledge of refugees amongst school pupils. In the game students are given the chance to follow a young person along their journey to flee oppression in their homeland and start a new life in a foreign society. The game is intended to increase students’ awareness and knowledge about refugees – where they come from, what situations they have faced and how they adapt to their new lives.

In the web facts, students can read about human rights and international law, as well as individual refugees' stories. Pupils can also watch short films and listen to refugees talk about their personal experiences, such as how they fled, what it was like to come to a new country and having to start a new school or find a job.

There is a teacher's guide with suggested lessons plans to accompany every level of the game. It provides background material, exercises and discussion topics aimed at increasing students’ understanding of refugee issues. Forced migration can be a relevant topic of discussion in subjects ranging from geography, literature, art, social science and history.

Teachers in the UK can help students learn about the plight of refugees and understand the importance of treating refugees with tolerance and respect. UNHCR provides educational materials for teachers, including lesson plans, magazines, videos, posters and games. Please visit: for details of these resources as well as information about refugee issues and UNHCR’s work around the world.

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UK education resoures

Additional guidance and resources for teachers based in UK. For more information contact the UNHCR London office.


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Teacher's Guide

War and conflict

1.1 Interrogation

1.2 You must flee

1.3 Get out of town

1.4 Leave the country now!

Border country

2.1 Shelter for the night!

2.2 FInd the interpreter!

2.3 Refugee or immigrant?

2.4 New in the class.

A new life

3.1 Looking for a job!

3.2 Time to go shopping.

3.3 Sort by origin!

3.4 Your first apartment