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In fact, in Canada, there are approximately more than five million citizens who live below the poverty line. Fortunately, the federal government is equipped with tools that create measurable and positive changes to reduce poverty significantly. With all of these, Play Against All Odds aims to work on a more strategic federal course of action, including fund increasing and mechanisms accountability to further engage with government authorities.

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Play Against All Odds is a progressive and national organization composed of people who are moved by their faith to take the necessary action for environmental and social justice by optimizing Canada's public policies. Our devotions focus on these three vital policy fields: Climate Justice Refugee...

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Our Vision Play Against All Odds seeks to foster societal growth and development through maintaining creational integrity and changing faulty practices as our faithful application to God's teachings about justice and love. We look forward to a world wherein citizens, societal organizations,...

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Where to Donate Bedding for Homeless Shelters Near You?

Charity has many hues. Sometimes it comes in cash; other times, it’s a pile of clean comfy bed sheets.
If you are pondering ways to donate your old bedding for the homeless while doing your spring cleaning, we can help! So many people are struggling and need help with new bedding and other necessities.
Donating old bedding like a mattress to homeless people is a simple act of kindness that can change someone’s life.
But as the saying goes, “Knowledge is power.” So, before…


What Can Be Done to Reduce Poverty?

Although the world has seen many changes over the centuries, including technological advancements and new trends are constantly arising wherever you might be, a considerable percentage of the world’s population is still living in poverty. In fact, billions of people around the world are considered below the poverty line level.
So, what can be done to reduce this? In this article, you’ll discover how to alleviate poverty and how industrial hemp and cannabis-derived products like …


Low Socioeconomic Status: Tobacco Use and Cigarette Smoking

Who is the low socioeconomic status? These are adults that are unemployed or do not have sufficient educational attainment. They are usually classified like this as those with blue-collar jobs. This category of people lives below the poverty level in the United State.
According to research, this group of the U.S population is also identified to have an increased rate of tobacco usage and cigarette smoking than the general population.
Adverse Effect of Cigarette and Tobacco Use
For many decades now there has been an outcry from the health sector on how harmful …


Integration Barriers

Integration barriers discover the challenges and limitations of the current socio-economic status of refugees in Canadian society integration. As you will see in this report, Abdille Halima uncovers some discrimination forms encountered by immigrants and refugees, especially regarding finding sources of income. This report actually gathers quantitative and historical data of the refugees’ experiences.
More often, people in Canada consider themselves as accepting, nonjudgmental, and compassionate towards other members of the society despite their race, religion, and ethnic differences. Yes, some people really practice “…


Regaining Indigenous Rights

There has always been a profound knowledge and wisdom in indigenous lectures about the relationship among all creations. A lot of indigenous individuals perceive nature with the utmost respect. For them, nature is something they have to preserve, appreciate, and foster.
It is also of ultimate essence to a lot of indigenous individuals and groups to protect relationships among animate and inanimate Creation aspects. Respecting these vital relationships and connections is crucial for economic and ecological integrity, holistic pandemic recovery, and peaceful relations with indigenous individuals and groups.
Unfortunately, the …


Poverty Trends 2020

The purpose of 2020 Poverty trends is to serve as a quick guide or reference for advocacy and education. Thus, we invite researchers and readers to reflect on the actual poverty cases and the realities of Canada’s systemic oppression. Canada’s set of implementations and laws are required legally to preserve its citizens’ rights by granting them adequate education, quality health care, and living standard. However, it is unfortunate that these have not come to reality yet among a significant percentage of Canada’s population.
Below is the list of ironic facts about Canada’s system:

Yes, we …

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