Integration Barriers

Integration barriers discover the challenges and limitations of the current socio-economic status of refugees in Canadian society integration. As you will see in this report, Abdille Halima uncovers some discrimination forms encountered by immigrants and refugees, especially regarding finding sources of income. This report actually gathers quantitative and historical data of the refugees’ experiences.

More often, people in Canada consider themselves as accepting, nonjudgmental, and compassionate towards other members of the society despite their race, religion, and ethnic differences. Yes, some people really practice “compassion”; however, there has always been another society phase that is considered opposite to what was promised.

The other side may not be as kind as we have ever thought of. Every society has an unjust, judgmental, and uncaring side, and the Canadian community is no exception to having this “dark side,” especially towards their refugees.

As concerned Canadian citizens, we also take the necessary actions on whatever advocacies we have in mind regarding refugee injustices. We really hope that the reference guides will be a helpful tool or instrument when voicing out to our communities, authorities, and most especially to our government.

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