Climate Justice

The scriptural basis for the care and love of God’s creation helps people unite spiritually through ecological, political, and scientific insights. With our sense of appreciation for all the beautiful creations around us, we are determined to know the essential message or listen to God’s words for us. In that way, we can finally see a flourishing and fruitful ecological community.

Despite all injustices, political corruptions, environmental destructions, and all forms of inequities, we strive hard to get to our goal as we keep our principles intact. We all know that climate change has been negatively affecting our nature. It has been accelerating the death rate of animal and plant species. Other than that, it has also resulted in the melting of northern glaciers and increasing sea-level rise speed.

Everyone, not only people living in Canada, is affected by these adverse impacts, whether directly or indirectly. We are witnessing plenty of global conflicts related to threats against fisheries and agrarian-based livelihoods, depletion of natural resources, poverty, high migration rates, and famine. Play against All Odds plays a vital role in convincing Canada’s government authorities to efficiently implement better policies to target these timely issues. Through our partnerships, analyses, and research efforts, we can raise awareness that urges leaders to take immediate action.

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