What Can Be Done to Reduce Poverty?

Although the world has seen many changes over the centuries, including technological advancements and new trends are constantly arising wherever you might be, a considerable percentage of the world’s population is still living in poverty. In fact, billions of people around the world are considered below the poverty line level.

So, what can be done to reduce this? In this article, you’ll discover how to alleviate poverty and how industrial hemp and cannabis-derived products like CBD oils can help improve the global economy.

How to Reduce Poverty: Top Four Ways

There are numerous ways to alleviate the effects of poverty, including the following:

Make Education More Accessible

A child born in a poverty-stricken family may have very limited access to resources and tend to have fewer opportunities in life than other children of their age.

As a result, this creates a cycle where family generations are trapped in poverty, which can run for decades, making it difficult for families to help themselves out of poverty-stricken lives.

However, as we can read in this report, through education, millions of people can have the chance to get themselves out of extreme poverty. After all, producing more literate adults can expand their opportunities to improve their current situation.

Widen Job Opportunities Worldwide

With this, countries can focus on the local level first by ensuring that they have more employment options for their citizens. After all, when people have the means and opportunities to work, this also helps end the poverty cycle. Therefore, countries need to create a wide variety of jobs, especially for skilled individuals, to help end the cycle.

Increase Awareness Initiatives

As the world now relies heavily on social media and technology, we can use these platforms to create more campaigns to raise awareness regarding poverty-stricken countries.

In this case, technology can help people learn more about the pressing issue and create awareness that poverty is real and many people are affected by this circumstance.

Address Gender Inequality

Granting educational access to more females can be an advantage that some countries do not realize. When the female population is educated and has the means to education, it can help solve several issues other than poverty.

Some of these issues include topics such as teenage pregnancy, overpopulation, and the spread of infections. Aside from this, women can also help in the family as they learn to create more sources of income, which leads to reducing poverty in the long run.

Hemp and Cannabis Can Be Revolutionary and Sustainable Alternatives

Aside from those mentioned above, hemp and cannabis also have unlimited potential. After all, these can be used to make a wide variety of industrial and commercial products.

Likewise, these products can also bring about changes that will help bring an end to poverty. Moreover, it’s not only a profitable means for people, but it can also benefit the environment.

For example, farmers and other individuals worldwide can be given livelihoods by cultivating more of these products, especially when hemp and cannabis have been considered replacements to produce higher-quality materials in an extensive list of industries, such as textile and healthcare.


Many individuals and advocacy groups sometimes come up with novel solutions to reduce poverty. Still, it is more important to address the cause of problems in every nation and locality. After all, different countries face different problems, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution that applies to all.

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