Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Play Against All Odds seeks to foster societal growth and development through maintaining creational integrity and changing faulty practices as our faithful application to God’s teachings about justice and love. We look forward to a world wherein citizens, societal organizations, government leaders, and communities will be willing to contribute to the common betterment.

Our Mission

Play Against All Odds aims to flourish general equity and public justice by molding vital public policies through thorough analysis, study, public dialogue, and amendment evaluation. Play against All Odds encourages leaders, youths, government authorities, and all citizens to support the policies that promote God’s teachings.

Public Justice

Together, we can make a loud, clear, and life-changing message, enough for the people in Canada and their political authorities to hear. We should define the term public justice as a dimension in politics that promotes concern among the neighborhood and aims to achieve the common betterment. We also are working on keeping the public justice center and dominating in debates and public policy amendments.

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