Poverty in Canada

Poverty’s biblical perspective has to begin with acknowledging that all human beings are molded according to God’s image. Thus, the love and faith in God require believers to love their neighbors and look after their well-being. The Scriptures also encourages them to foster justice to protect fellowmen while lifting the community’s most vulnerable citizens.

In fact, in Canada, there are approximately more than five million citizens who live below the poverty line. This may be worse compared to developed countries. Canada’s poverty rate can be quite alarming because out of thirty-four, we are the 24th OECD countries. Canada’s estimated financial poverty cost is around 72.5 billion dollars and 86.1 billion dollars per year.

Fortunately, the federal government is equipped with tools that create measurable and positive changes to reduce poverty significantly. With all of these, Play Against All Odds aims to work on a more strategic federal course of action, including fund increasing and mechanisms accountability to further engage with government authorities. The purpose of these initiatives is to ensure timely implementations that can help us reach our ultimate goal, eradicating poverty in Canada.

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