Death Statistics of Toronto’s Homeless People

Toronto city’s shelter death stats have actually not been updated ever since January because the authorities decided to slow down some routine reports and assessments during the Coronavirus 2019 pandemic.

Play against All Odds’ socio-economic implementation analyst told the press that publicly announcing the health or medical results and homeless people’s mortality rates is crucial in determining the effects of our spending decisions and policies, especially amidst the current health crisis. Researchers should also understand the root causes and the possible solutions regarding this timely issue to create the necessary contingency plan.

Moreover, a street nurse is interviewed and told the media that she thinks new implementations are very substantial, especially during health crises and major economic downfalls where homeless people are greatly affected. Initiatives such as providing temporary housing, encampments, and affordable hotels can be a very generous act for the less fortunate.

The information we get can be beneficial to halt the coronavirus’ spread and minimize this current pandemic’s adverse impact. Also, to make this possible, political leaders and internet influencers should address our pre-existing crises such as poverty, homelessness, discrimination, and injustices in Canada. Sadly, the same citizens or groups of individuals who are suffering from those pre-existing inequities also face the most risks in terms of livelihood and health.

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