We Celebrate Ottawa’s Crucial Step towards Zero Emissions

Play against All Odds is glad to witness Canada delivering a crystal clear legislative plan about meeting or even exceeding their greenhouse gas emissions target reduction level. Play against All Odds’ policy analyst said that they are aware that the successes attained by the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Denmark are highly credited to legislated liability measures.

Therefore, they are very fulfilled to witness how the innovative legislation of Canada requires systematic assessment and planning for their interim obligations and targets. This day’s public announcement only shows how prepared Canada is to minimize the gap between actions and promises. That is something every Canadian citizen should look forward to.

Through our consistent campaign messages, Play against All Odds has seen an active and real commitment among Christians residing in Canada. They’ve participated in aligning their actions, values, and concerns together with other religious group members.

Also, we are delighted by the fact that people are creating modifications in their consumption and lifestyles in order to reduce greenhouse emissions. Despite that, we are still aware of the additional efforts needed to finally fulfill our objectives. Specifically, we have to urge most, if not all, society members to also cooperate with us in the hopes of bettering our world.

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