The Current Health Crisis Taught Us Solidarity and Simplicity

Without extra-curricular activities, community events, social interaction, and long commutes, we finally have more time for ourselves and for our loved ones. It is just so fascinating and captivating how we were able to take advantage of all the distress this pandemic has caused us. As humans, it is just natural for us to find means to convert boredom to excitement, sadness to treasuring happiness, and regrets to lessons learned.

This health crisis might have drastically and negatively transformed people’s lives, but undeniably, this is a time for us to pause and ponder on the things we have not pondered for a very long time. After the necessary cleansing, we are all home now, and all this time, we are traveling towards “home.”

We go back to the traditional and simpler means of doing activities. We also become more cautious about our expenses as some of us already have a limited source of income.

We transitioned from being reckless to being self-conscious individuals who are now more mindful of the health standards. One day, the park playgrounds will be filled again, and the train stations will be busy. By that time, we will be bringing with us a lot of realizations as fruits of self-reflection and rediscovery. After all, a time of nothingness can always be a source of “something.”

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