Poverty Trends 2020

The purpose of 2020 Poverty trends is to serve as a quick guide or reference for advocacy and education. Thus, we invite researchers and readers to reflect on the actual poverty cases and the realities of Canada’s systemic oppression. Canada’s set of implementations and laws are required legally to preserve its citizens’ rights by granting them adequate education, quality health care, and living standard. However, it is unfortunate that these have not come to reality yet among a significant percentage of Canada’s population.

Below is the list of ironic facts about Canada’s system:

  • Yes, we should be given enough food. However, one in four single-parent households does not have enough food supply.
  • Yes, we should be granted quality education. However, students who have disabilities, and are living in rural, inaccessible places, do not actually have the same amount of support and quality of education as those people living in urban places.
  • Yes, we should be granted fair conditions and safe employment, but thirteen percent of the Black Canadians’ population said they had experienced more workplace discrimination, especially during the hiring process.
  • Yes, we have to be healthy, but more than 11% of twelve years or older people said that they had not received quality health care in times when they badly needed it.

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