Regaining Indigenous Rights

There has always been a profound knowledge and wisdom in indigenous lectures about the relationship among all creations. A lot of indigenous individuals perceive nature with the utmost respect. For them, nature is something they have to preserve, appreciate, and foster.

It is also of ultimate essence to a lot of indigenous individuals and groups to protect relationships among animate and inanimate Creation aspects. Respecting these vital relationships and connections is crucial for economic and ecological integrity, holistic pandemic recovery, and peaceful relations with indigenous individuals and groups.

Unfortunately, the indigenous Canada homelands face increasing threats from provincial, territorial, and federal government works, including corporate interests, which are continually promoting natural resource extraction and continually pushing urbanization. Inaccessible places are usually rich in natural forests, but they are slowly transformed into industrial areas due to shared interests.

Our aim on restoring indigenous rights is to attend to the invaluable, crucial insights of scholars, activists, and experts that belong in indigenous communities to discover and examine how the implementation of the United Nations’ declaration can foster Canada’s climate justice.

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